Sprinkler Repair and Installation

We are your complete irrigation service company. We can service and install all systems. We also offer water savings inspections and routine system check ups. At LandTek we are committed to help you save water which in turn will help you save money. sprinklers hitting concrete areas and zones running too long are common occurrences and our professionals are dedicated to adjust zones for maximum efficiency. We offer 24 hour emergency service in the case of a broken pipe or a valve that is stuck open. Call anytime for a free estimate.

Sod installation

The benchmark to having a beautiful property starts with a lush lawn. Sod is the first step to begin this process. Here at LandTek we use all the proper methods when installing new grass. We use a 5 step process to ensure that your lawn will thrive after installation. Step 1 is to inspect and mark all sprinklers. This is to insure that your new lawn will have adequate coverage and so they don’t get damaged while work is performed. Step 2 is to remove old grass, weeds, or landscaping. Step 3 is to spray the area to be sodded with an industrial vegetation killer to insure that the nuance weeds will not grow back. Step 4 is to wait 3 to 7 days before installation to insure that the vegetation killer is no longer active in the soil. Step 5 is to re inspect the sprinklers to insure that none were damaged while working. And step 6 is to install the new sod. We only use the best and highest quality field grown sod and if you the customer has a special request of a certain sod farm or a special strand of grass we can always accommodate to your needs.

Lawn Maintenance

LandTek is your local complete full service property maintenance company. We strive to make your property a showcase yard. We serve all residential and commercial properties. We offer a full service lawn maintenance package which includes mowing, edging, line trimming, hedge trimming, weeding, taking care of flower beds, and blowing of your property to leave a clean and professional touch.


We can design, build, and install your very own dream landscape. Landscaping has a very wide range of plants and options available that will tolerate the harsh Florida climate. You the customer should do your homework before hiring any landscape company to come and install just any plant. Here at LandTek we will work with you the customer and to help guide you in the right direction to ensure that you will have a beautiful; and long lasting landscape for many years to come.


A fresh layer of mulch is the easiest and cheapest way to spruce up your property. We offer all varieties and many different colors of mulch. Mulch has many benefits to your landscape, the biggest two would be that a 3 inch layer of mulch will help keep the soil moist and help your landscape to retain water. Also it helps greatly to keep the weeds out of any desired area. We also offer rock installation for a longer lasting impression in your landscape.