Tree Removal

Tree removal is a very difficult task and requires a great amount of care to ensure safety and the protection and care of your house and property. We carry full insurance, workers man’s comp, and only hire the safest and most experienced workers. Call us for a free consultation on any and all trees on your property. A yearly inspection is encouraged for the safety of your loved ones and property.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding goes hand and hand with any tree removal job. At LandTek we don’t believe that any tree job is complete without adequate stump removal. Stumps if not removed become an eye sore and a liability if not properly removed. Here at LandTek we can either stump grind or completely remove a nuance stump by means of digging and pulling out the whole stump.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is often neglected but is an important aspect to attain the health and safety of your trees. Tree trimming should usually be preformed every one to two years depending on tree species and tree age. Too often trees are neglected and when our florida storms come in, a tree that hasn’t been trimmed has a much higher liability than one that has annual inspections and gets trimmed as needed. Protect yourself, family, and property and call us for a free estimate and consultation today.

24 Hour Emergency Service

In the state of Florida, storms are inevitable. At LandTek were are here to serve you 24 hours in any case of a fallen or dangerous tree. All of our trucks are radio dispatched, meaning they are able to get to you quickly in the event of a fallen or dangerous tree.

Land Clearing

Here at LandTek we can handle all land clearing jobs big and small. We strive to try to recycle as much waste as possible to minimize our footprint on our environment. We utilize the safest, most advanced, and environmentally sound methods when preforming all varieties of work. While continuing to bring you the customer the best price possible.

Fire Wood

Here at LandTek we are big into recycling. We strive to take as much waste as possible and turn it into recycled materials. Our fire wood mainly consist of oak wood. We will run into other types of wood on occasions that are desired for cooking (hickory, citrus, etc.) Please contact us for a availability.